Below are some testimonials from those that have worked with the team behind this partnership.

Phil Richardson: Director, Quay Music

“Phil has shown outstanding skill in developing curriculum. He is relentless in raising standards and understands the importance of relationship building. He recognises the importance of meeting the needs of students and to work innovatively with key partners to ensure that students benefit from professional experiences and networks.” (Kevin Smith, Head of Group, Creative and Cultural, Gateshead College)

“A strong passion and skill for partnership working, Phil supported and engaged with the team here on practical, operational and strategic levels resulting in innovative, new nationally recognised projects.” (Paul Devlin, Higher Education & Research Manager, Sage Gateshead)

Mark Deeks: Director, Music Newcastle

“I’ve been blessed with some great teachers during my education, but it is safe to say that Mark is the top of that list. As both a musician and as a music teacher, I have only the greatest respect and admiration for his talents. He taught me skills that I use to this day, and gave me a belief in myself to carry on towards my dreams, which is surely the greatest gift a teacher can give.” (Adam Rollo, ex-student)

“I don’t think many teachers are spoken about by pupils with such universal respect as Mark Deeks, and that is a testament to his musicianship, abilities as a tutor, and ever-present humour. I doubt I would have had the guts to move away and properly pursue a career in music if it weren’t for Mark’s support and encouragement.” (Adam Walton, ex-student)